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We would like to thank our patrons, supporters and Friends for their generous contributions, which have enabled Jupiter to give numerous performance opportunities to very talented musicians.

Grateful thanks also to Dr. Harmar & Leslie Brereton, Jeffrey Duban & Jayne Connell, Rita Greenstein, Arlene Hajinlian, Stanley Moldovan, and Tim Shepard for accommodating many of our rehearsals; and many thanks as well to our volunteers for their help on concert days—Anna Early, Mark Longaker, Lillian Redl, Peter Roncetti, Madelon Spier and Noel Werrett.

Not least of all, we are deeply grateful to our Jupiter fans from near and afar for contributing most generously to our Piano Fund. Within 3 months, we reached our goal of $50,000—the cost of the piano, the move, and the initial work to make it playable. Thank you so very much! A modest surplus has enabled us to replace the worn-out bench and, most importantly, to work on enhancing the piano’s lovely sound, which our wonderful technician Kaz Tsujio continues to do. It is a work in progress! The need for Jupiter’s own piano arose when Jens Nygaard’s arrangement with Yamaha Artist Services to offer its CFIIIS gratis for Jupiter’s use came to an end in August 2012. After a search, much deliberation, and surmounting obstacles, we opted for the purchase of a Steinway concert grand for a price that’s “not bad.” It was evaluated as a piano with a singing quality and a soul. We hope you and our musicians like it.

Jupiter is grateful to Yamaha Artists Services for the use of the company’s flagship concert grand piano CFIIIS for more than a decade. We will always remember our piano technician Thomas A. Sheehan, who died in May 2005, for his efforts to obtain the CFIIIS from Frank & Camille’s.

Contributors to the
Jens Nygaard Legacy Piano

Gail Hitt

Christine Allen
Robert H. Arnow
Edward Herscher
  & Brigitte Weeks
Tim Shepard

Dorothy B. DeCarlo
In memory of Jens Nygaard
Don Rothfeld, M.D.

Anderson-Rogers Foundation
Rubin-Ladd Foundation
Christine Nichols Tredway

Alan Applebaum

Anonymous (2)
Leslie & Harmar Brereton, M.D.
Susan Friess Goldman
Paul Oreck
O. Paul Wielan

Jean McCarroll

Margaret Dalva
Donald & Carolyn Hansen
Karol Sokol

Lisa Shihoten

Jon Fontana
John Metcalfe

June Hagen
Clayton & Margaret Heydorn
Dennis Koster
Victor Mason
Glenna Michaels
Peter & Lauren Roncetti
Jonas & Judith Siegel
Martin Spinelli

Martha Cowin
Theodore Makar
Virginia Montgomery

Joshua Gendel
Esther Modell
Catherine G. Ross

Vivian Barr

Jean Bao
Josephine Cameron
Virginia Chakejian
Vera Conant
Maurice & Sharon Daitz
Stephen Daitz

$100 (cont.)
Joseph DePaul
Simon Fischer

Yvonne Forte
Alan Fredrick

Hans Gesell
Murray Kofkin
Harry Krauss
In memory of Ingeborg Nisley
Harley & Stephen Osman
Jane & Charles Prussack
Anne Reynolds, M.D.
Joseph & Marilyn Schwartz
A. J. Sherman
Ruth Slenczynska
Howard Storch
Burt & Renata Weinstein

$40 - $60
Anonymous (1)
Bruce & Elaine Berkman
Rachel Burdeau
Diane Feldman
Muriel Gould
Fletcher Hodges III
Patricia Remer
Daniel Schacher
Al Spitz
Susan Sultan
Susan Wall
Theda Wexler

Under $25
10 gifts

Jupiter concerts are made possible, in part, by public fundsfrom the New York State Council on the Arts
with the support of Governor Kathy Hochul and the New York State Legislature
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 Consulate General of Israel emblem Our thanks to the Office of Cultural Affairs, Consulate General of Israel in New York for a grant of $1500

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